Is Dietary Supplements Really Safe and Effective?

Dietary supplements are not a new idea. In fact, they have been around for centuries. The difference today is that they are formulated with new materials and contain different vitamins and minerals. They can help people meet their dietary needs. However, some of these supplements can be harmful if taken in large quantities. Here are the things you need to know about supplements.

A mannatech science dietary supplement is basically a manufactured item meant to supplement one's daily diet by either taking a capsule, powder, chewable tablet, or liquid drink. A supplement may offer certain nutrients either naturally extracted from plant sources or that are synthetically produced in order to boost the amount of the intake. The natural supplements that derive from herbs and other natural plants usually come in pills and tablets. Some may also include amino acids, probiotics and other vitamins.

Dietary supplements are typically more affordable than prescribed medicines. Moreover, they are not as much tested as prescribed medicines. These supplements are known to have side effects like headache, diarrhea, joint pain, nausea, vomiting, rashes, upset stomach and upset digestion. Some of them may also cause constipation and gas. Although there are over the counter medicines that are used as replacements for prescribed medicines, you should always ask your doctor before using them. Learn more about supplements at

If you are using dietary supplements to address a health condition, it is important to talk to your doctor. The ingredients should be compatible with your health condition. Your doctor can check these ingredients to make sure that they will not cause you harm. He may even suggest a supplement that is specially formulated to address the health condition you are addressing.

There are many websites available on the internet that claim that they are providing a substitute for a prescribed or over the counter medication. You should make sure that the dietary supplement that you intend to use has been approved by the national institutes. Many sites on the internet also provide misleading information. This is because many of the sites on the internet do not have the necessary accreditation from national institutes like the FDA and the Centre for Food Safety and Health. These sites often make false claims about their products.

Dietary supplements are safe when they are sold in accordance with the directions. These products should not be used instead of prescribed medicines. They should only be purchased in accordance with their recommended dosage. If you suspect that you are taking any product that is dangerous, you should contact your doctor or poison control centre immediately. Acemannan supplements that are promoted as safe and effective may not be safe and effective when used in combination with other medicines.

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